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Keynote Speakers

Jim Bender, P.E.
Senior Staff Engineer Intertek (Plano, TX) North Texas IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society Co-Founder and Chair
Ethics in Engineering, Making the Right Choices
This audience interactive engagement provides a lively and stimulating real-life overview highlighting regulatory compliance challenges often associated with time critical high technology product releases.
The 100% fact-based reenactment pulls in audience participation focusing on engineering and management obligations and “gut checks” often encountered with potential ethical vs. legal conflicts associated with new product development, manufacturing and market introduction.
The presentation and ensuing discussions will cover specific legal vs. ethical influencing cornerstones, identification and leverage of the “newspaper test”, the importance of protecting a company’s reputation and the influencing roles and obligations for product regulatory/safety professionals based on a real-life example.
What makes this presentation unique are the “what would you do/what-if” scenarios associated with regulatory compliance challenges impacting critical product release expectations.
Steve Reinecke
Proximity Systems
In our daily lives, we encounter multiple surfaces that have been previously touched by someone else. High-touch surfaces are found everywhere. We have self-checkout at the grocery store. We have options to order our meals on a touch-screen before getting in line. There is the pin pad on the point-of-sale device at 1000’s of retail outlets. We hold the handrail on a bus and train. When traveling, we are encouraged to “check in” at a kiosk prior to engaging a live person. All these surfaces have recently been touched by someone else and are not routinely cleaned, and if they have been, there is a high likelihood that the instructions on the liquid cleaning products they are using were not followed.
The pandemic has brought to light many new technologies and engineering innovations. We will discuss how copper and UV disinfection technologies are increasingly providing options for the disinfection of surfaces and indoor environments. This presentation will educate participants on what UVC is and how it works to disinfect surfaces, air, and water. We will compare liquid disinfection products and see how they work. We will discuss how copper is a naturally antimicrobial element that is recognized by the EPA. We will discuss what to look for when purchasing a UVC disinfection device. Topics will revolve around understanding claims of efficacy, safety, and regulatory restrictions. We will discuss questions a purchaser should be prepared to ask a manufacturer of the UVC product before purchase and help purchasers understand, “If something seems too good to be true, it is probably is too good to be true”. Lastly, we will give examples of false and misleading product claims and have an open discussion with all participants in the session.

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